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The term pheromone was coined by Karlson in 1959. Insect pheromones refer to the chemical information substances that play a role in communication between individuals of the same species during courtship, feeding, roosting, egg-laying, and self-defense. Insect pheromones began to enter the research phase of field application in the 1960s, and the most applied were sex pheromones. Beroza proposed the mating disruption method in 1960 and demonstrated the possibility of mating interference method for pest control in 1969.


With the maturity of various research and development techniques and the emergence of advanced analytical instruments, research on the chemical structure of insect pheromones has been greatly facilitated. The emergence of advanced technologies has led to the development of more pheromones for use in agriculture, forestry, quarantine and control of storage pests.

  • Insect pheromones are generally non-toxic to humans, animals, wildlife, and insects. In contrast to pesticides, they do not directly kill natural predators. Insect pheromones have higher specificity, lower dosage and better effect than other pest control methods. What's more, long-term use of pheromones keeps insects from developing resistance.
  • Insect pheromones have been synthesized artificially and exploited to show their great biological effects after their properties were mastered and understood, so that the new and efficient ways have emerged.

Insect pheromones have great superiority and development potential in controlling vector organisms and protecting human health. Currently, the three main applications of insect pheromones are insect monitoring, pest control and quarantine. In addition, it can also be used for insect identification. The types of insects can be distinguished according to the differences of pheromone released by different insects.

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