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Pests and diseases impact on crop yield and quality, and also reduce resource-use efficiency, so the prevention and control of pests is very important in forestry as well as in agricultural production. Effective monitoring methods for pests and diseases are essential for comprehensive and timely grasping of forestry pests and diseases. In agricultural production, solving the problem of pests and diseases is an important part of promoting the sustainable development of agriculture.

Pest control should be preceded by monitoring which aims to effectively control pests in a targeted manner rather than carried out blindly. And pest monitoring can avoid unnecessary pesticide expenditures and solve the problems of environmental pollution caused by excessive pesticide residues in agricultural products to promote green prevention and control. In summary, monitoring through insect pheromones has developed as one of the important techniques for pest control.

Traditional Methods of Insect Monitoring


Artificial survey

The artificial survey method requires grass-roots investigators to have a high level of physical fitness to conduct fieldwork at each survey site, which is labor-intensive, work-intensive and often requires a lot of manpower and material resources. Despite this, the method does not meet the demand for timely information on pests.


Black light trapping

The black light trapping method has greater limitations for pests which are highly concealed and weakly respond to light. In the survey of forestry pests with low population densities, it may lead to large bias in the survey data, which eventually affects the accuracy of the measurement. The limited survey data leads to large deviation and affects the accuracy of the survey.

Insect Pheromones for Monitoring

Insect pheromones have gained general acceptance as a way to monitor and survey insects, where sex pheromones can be used for population monitoring in terms of insect resistance.

Synthetic sex pheromones and their accompanying traps are often used in pest surveys to investigate the generations of pests, trap pests in various periods, and grasp the occurrence pattern so as to reduce the area of pest occurrence. At the same time, according to the number of pests caught, some pest investigations can be carried out in a timely and accurate manner, such as monitoring the occurrence period, occurrence amount, occurrence range and growth dynamics of pests, providing a reliable basis for pest control.

In addition to sex pheromones, aggregation pheromones can also be used for pest detection and play an important role in detecting bark beetles.

Monitoring content

Pest occurrence period

The peak emergence of adult pests is predicted by sex pheromone traps, with reference to the cycle of growth and development stages, to predict the peak emergence of a particular insect state in the future.

Pest incidence

The number of insects trapped by pheromone traps is usually positively correlated with the number of pests in the forest. Thus, the number of adult males captured can be used to estimate and predict the future population size of the pest.

Range of pest occurrence

The sex pheromone traps are set up evenly in a large forest area. And the geographical distribution of the pests is determined by whether or not the pests are captured or how many pests are caught.

Control effect

A certain number of traps are set up on the forest land where control measures have been taken for monitoring to examine the control effect, and to judge whether the effect is good based on the number of trapped adults.


  • Simple equipment, easy to operate and low cost.
  • Simple measurement and calculation methods.
  • High sensitivity, strong specificity.
  • Effectively reduce the frequency of chemical control and spray appropriate amount of pesticides according to the monitoring situation.

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