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Formulation Optimization

Insect pheromone is a kind of micro chemical substance released by an insect, which can transmit information between insects and cause behavioral reactions of other individuals. Generally, insect pheromone can be divided into natural products and synthetic products. Insect pheromones have been widely used in agriculture and forestry, which is closely combined with practical applications. At present, most of the identified and synthesized pheromones are serious pests in agriculture and forestry. Those substances have played an important role in the comprehensive management of pests. However, whether the insect pheromone can exert the maximum effect is closely related to the formulation. Therefore, in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the work of formulation optimization.


  • Carrier optimization: Most of the synthetic insect pheromones are oily liquids with special odor. When using in the field, proper carrier must be chosen. There are certain requirements for the material used as carrier. First, the material used as a carrier does not chemically react with the pheromone. Second, the material used as a carrier does not promote the isomerization of pheromones. Thirdly, the carrier material should have certain binding force to the pheromone contained in it, so that it can be released slowly in the field according to the design requirements. Therefore, the desired effect and purpose can be achieved. At present, the commonly used carrier materials include natural rubber, polyethylene, silicone rubber and others.
  • Ratio optimization: Generally, there are multiple pheromones that can kill the same insect species. But different proportions of these pheromones lead to different effects. For example, both cis-11-hexadecenal and cis-9-hexadecenal can trap the borer, but when the ratio of cis-11-hexadecenal and cis-9-hexadecenal is not suitable, the trap effect will be decreased. By studying the different proportions of the two substances, the researchers developed a second-generation product that works even better.
  • Others: In addition to formula optimization from the above aspects, there are other aspects that need to be paid attention to. For example, in different doses, the same proportion of substances will produce different effects. Therefore, to develop an effective pesticide, it is usually necessary to conduct extensive trials to control the dosage.


The formulation optimization is mainly applied in the field of insect pheromone insecticide efficacy optimization. Good formulation can achieve a large number of insect traps and exterminations. Based on formulation optimization, the disease incidence of crops and trees can be effectively prevented and the yield and benefit can be maximized.

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