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Insect pheromones are a mixture of chemicals produced by a large number of pheromone glands located in different parts of the insect's body, which can be recognized by other individual receptors within the species, and then lead to a series of subsequent social activities such as foraging, courtship and mating. Communication by pheromones is highly developed in social insects. With the development of insect biology, studies on the synthesis and regulation of pheromones and function of receptor proteins on antennae have been developed.

  • Insect pheromone glands produce a variety of pheromones. The pheromone biosynthetic pathway involves alterations in the normal metabolic pathways of fatty acids and isoprene, elucidating the conversion of "normal" metabolites in insects to pheromone compounds with high stereochemical and quantitative specificity. In order to make insect pheromones more green and environmentally friendly for biological control, an in-depth research on the biosynthetic pathway of pheromones is essential.
  • The study of pheromone reception mainly involves the biochemical mechanism of insect recognition of specific pheromone and the functionality of the involved receptor proteins. Research on insect pheromone reception enhance our general knowledge on chemoreception and on the control of behavior by chemical stimuli. The elucidation of the essential causes of insect behavioral responses may provide the possibility of using genetic engineering approaches for pest management.

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